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The AUTOGROOVE V-JAW Groove Joint Pliers is the perfect tool for plumbers, tradesmen, handymen and DIYers. The AUTOGROOVE quickly self-adjusts and grips on to thick and thin objects without the need to find a groove.

Unlike traditional tongue and groove pliers, which require two hands to use, the AutoGroove V-JAW Groove joint pliers from Autogrip.com can be used with only one hand. This is because we use a patented gripping mechanism, which allows our AutoGroove to quickly self-adjust and grip on to thick and thin objects without the need to find a groove.


And the specially designed v-shaped jaws grips tight on both round and flat objects.



They feature the same heavy-duty construction as standard groove joint pliers and maintain the narrow profile required for work in tight and confined spaces.

The AutoGroove joint pliers fully complies with ASME specifications B107.23.

AutoGroove V-Jaw Groove Joint Pliers

  • One-Handed Operation
  • Twice as fast as standard groove joint pliers
  • Patented self-adjusting gripping mechanism
  • Grab any size without adjusting
  • V-Jaw design for versatile gripping of round objects
  • Maintains parallel jaws for optimal grip
  • Black oxide finish resists rust and corrosion
  • Dipped handles for comfortable grip
  • Lifetime Warranty

Model: 10VJ
Item No.: 41000
Size: 10″ (254mm)
Jaw Opening: 1-3/4″ (45mm)

Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Designed in the U.S.A under license with final assembly in Springfield, VA USA to Autogrip.com’s demanding standards.

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